December 01, 2008

New Book on Patents: "The Touchstone Effect"

My new book on patents - "The Touchstone Effect: The Impact of Pre-grant Opposition on Patents" is out! Among other things, the book explores the strategic use of pre-grant opposition as a touchstone to check the genuineness of inventions. As with my earlier book, "The Law of Patents - With a Special Focus on Pharmaceuticals in India" which is presently updated free of cost through a blog, this book too has on online companion (click here for the blog) where you can find more about the book - you can search and download more than 55 decisions of the Patent Controller on pre-grant opposition (click here).

The book is available at the LexisNexis Online Bookstore. My publishers will ship the book to any where in India for just Re 1. Keeping the touch with the difficult times that lie ahead of us, the book is priced at Rs.295 /-

Bibliographic details:

Title: The Touchstone Effect: The Impact of Pre-grant Opposition on Patents
Author: Feroz Ali Khader
Publisher: LexisNexis Butterworths Wadhwa Nagpur
ISBN: 9788180385544
Format: Soft Cover
Edition: 2009
Price: INR 295.00 / US$ 14.75
Pages: xx + 166 pages (Appendices starts from pg 137, followed by Chapter Notes and Subject Index).

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