April 01, 2008

Patents and Medical Tourism

THE ISSUES SURROUNDING the Erlotinib patent present an ideal illustration of the complexities that embrangle patent law. 'Public health', 'public interest', 'access to life-saving medicines', 'compulsory licences' are some of the issues that have cropped up in what should have otherwise been a run-of-the-mill patent infringement case. And the fact that the consequences which result from the case are 'far-reaching' needs no further testimony than the proposed plan to obtain an involuntary licence for export to Nepal. The sale of the drug in Nepal may lead to interesting economic consequences which I have discussed in a short piece which appeared in the FICCI's Spotlight magazine. My article titled "Patents and Medical Tourism - How Compulsory Licences can Trigger Travel Seeking Affordable Health Solutions" appeared in the Guest Column at page 3 in the March Issue. The same can be read here.

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